Lessons for the Health-care Practitioner from Buddhism

This is a guest post by Shane as part of the article swap, part 3 within the Buddhist blogoshphere. I am posting over at Peace Ground Zero today. When I started writing on this post, I was approaching it with a discursive and relative based mind. I wanted to look at how Zen had made me approach dating differently…hopefully better. I wanted to explore how non-attachment and equanimity could be balanced with passion and romance. I wanted to know how I could be equanimous when what I really wanted to do was jump some bones or engage in an argument. I found myself approaching Zen and dating in a very non-Zen way. More to the point it can be difficult to say how Zen and the art of anything really works out because Zen is beyond words.

From Zen Buddhism to Preying on Vulnerable Women

As Lindsay and her friend set out to investigate the dharma of online dating, Susan chimed with some ideas. In online dating, we are taking our vulnerable parts and putting it all out there for people who could be the flakiest people ever. How do we navigate that and not take it personally? There is no way to not take all of it personally. This is the most personal space, period. If anyone is looking for a way to not be hurt by pain, I would say that the Buddhist view is not the place to look.

This is a guest post by Shane as part of the article swap, part 3 within the Buddhist blogoshphere. I am posting over at Peace Ground Zero.

A few years back I went on a dating spree. Over a couple months, I went out with about twenty different people, some for one date, some for several dates, and some for a month or more. There was the sportswriter, the screenwriter, the director and the entertainment lawyer I live in LA, after all. There was the guy who refused to choose a restaurant, and made me pick both the first and second date locations. There was the cute but nerdy professor who had the unfortunate quality of sounding bored by the sound of his own voice.

In the Buddhist philosophy there is something called the Noble Eightfold Path. Right Effort means you avoid extremes of over-diligence on one side and inaction on the other, and instead follow a middle path.

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Originally located on Halsted Street on the north side of Chicago, the Temple moved to its current location in the s. Matsuoka-roshi was born in Japan, in Yamaguchi Prefecture hear Hiroshima on November 25, , into a family which had a history of Zen priests dating back six centuries. He attended Komazawa University in Tokyo, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Prior to his coming to America, Matsuoka-roshi earned a Ph.

Daisetsu Suzuki.

Rare Japanese Buddhist artworks will be on display through Jan. 5 at the Newark Museum Jim Beckerman, Staff Writer, @jimbeckerman. Zen.

Dogen Zenji’s Genjo-koan Lecture 8. Text: section 9. Realization and the moon In this section Dogen Zenji discusses the experience of a person who has attained realization. Here, “realization” is the translation of a Japanese word “satori. All things are like “the moon reflecting in water” The image of “the moon reflecting in water” has been used as an analogy for emptiness throughout the history of Buddhism. It occurs in scriptures dating all the way back to India.

Here is an example that comes from the Vimalakirti Sutra.

Zen and the Art of Dating a Buddhist

Full transcript available. What does Buddhism have to do with relationships? Actually a lot! In this episode we talk to priest Annalisa about what all of us can learn from Buddhism to have better, happier, and healthier relationships. We also cover the difference between learning to control your emotions and allowing someone to walk all over you.

Following a tradition dating back over years, two dozen Buddhist nuns gather for a ninety day period of meditation, fasting and contemplation deep in the.

Hinduism is patriarchal. No doubt about it. But Buddhism? It is not the first religion that comes to mind when we talk about misogyny. The assumption is that Buddhism is rational, modern, agnostic, and liberal in matters of gender and sexuality. Book after book has conditioned us to see the celibate and chaste Buddha as a kind of androgynous, asexual, gentle sage with a beatific smile. Yet, some of the earliest and most systematic documentation of rejection of female sexuality in Indian literature is from Buddhist scriptures, especially the rules of monastic discipline Vinaya Pitaka , traditionally attributed to the Buddha himself.

Initially, none of these strictures were codified. There was no Vinaya Pitaka. But as many people joined the monastery vihara , they started behaving in certain ways that were deemed unworthy of monks and seekers of Buddha-hood. People also started making fun of the Buddhist way.

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Jump to navigation. The struggles of finding a good match with a single man or woman in the tight-knit American Buddhist community are well documented. And yet, the search for fellow Buddhist singles will ultimately be a fruitful one — Buddhist partners are among the most thoughtful, centered and balanced people, intent on keeping a relationship harmonious.

So, if single Buddhists are worth searching for, where do you start?

Date of Defense: November 10, The thesis of Courtney Within the Soto Zen sect of Buddhism, women now make up about half of all Zen teachers and.

Your Northwest Dharma Association NWDA website is getting a technology boost that will make it easier for group leaders to list events, and for Sangha members and anyone else to utilize the site. For Dharma groups: Dharma group members will find the new system far easier for building and editing profiles of their groups, and for sharing lineages, practice schedules, and contact information. Leaders will be able to more easily enter and edit calendar listings, with less confusion and fewer problems needing solutions from NWDA volunteer staff.

Groups will find it easier to promote their practice schedules and events…. It was January 27, and 16 pilgrims were one week into their three-week pilgrimage through India and Nepal. This journey catered specifically to Chinese-speaking participants. Surrounded by Garry oak and Douglas fir, the original building is a Victorian house, beautifully trimmed in grey-green and burgundy.

Beside it stands a low structure of post-modern concrete. Art galleries are all about looking and seeing, which makes them perfect sites…. The Deep Time Liberation Retreat, for descendants of the African diaspora, was cancelled due to the pandemic. Ancestral healing would have to wait. Visiting slave plantations with the support of Black practitioners and teachers was not going to happen.


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I spent two weeks at Plum village, a Buddhist monastery in France. I came to recover from burn out, and what I found was not only wisdom and.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. This article looks at Buddhist meditation, its purpose and the different approaches to meditation. Meditation is a mental and physical course of action that a person uses to separate themselves from their thoughts and feelings in order to become fully aware. It plays a part in virtually all religions although some don’t use the word ‘meditation’ to describe their particular meditative or contemplative practice.

Meditation does not always have a religious element. It is a natural part of the human experience and is increasingly used as a therapy for promoting good health and boosting the immune system. Anyone who has looked at a sunset or a beautiful painting and felt calm and inner joy, while their mind becomes clear and their perception sharpens, has had a taste of the realm of meditation. Successful meditation means simply being – not judging, not thinking, just being aware, at peace and living each moment as it unfolds.

In Buddhism the person meditating is not trying to get into a hypnotic state or contact angels or any other supernatural entity. Meditation involves the body and the mind. For Buddhists this is particularly important as they want to avoid what they call ‘duality’ and so their way of meditating must involve the body and the mind as a single entity.

In the most general definition, meditation is a way of taking control of the mind so that it becomes peaceful and focused, and the meditator becomes more aware.

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